5 Handy Apple FCPX’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Final Cut Pro offered by Apple is one of the industry-leading all in one post production tools. There is no doubt that it is a popular editing program that provides seamless functionality to its users. The best thing about this application is the frequently updation taking place very often. This is what makes it better... Continue Reading →

Reasons of using Apple FCPX

If you are a video editor or a beginner in the video editing field then many times you get confused in choosing the right software for you. Actually there are too many applications and software that you can use like Filmora, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is quite fine software for... Continue Reading →

Important Tools of Motion Graphics

Before start discussing about motion graphic tools, let's first get to know about what is Motion Graphics. What is Motion Graphic? Motion Graphic is animation but with text as the main focus. The term “motion graphic” was first used by an animator named John Whitney who was also the co-founder of Motion Graphics, In c.... Continue Reading →

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