How to Create Matte Painting in Adobe Photoshop

I, Kirti Bagaria, a student of Post Production Institute (ADMEC Multimedia Institute) if you are learning Adobe Photoshop and having problems in making matte painting then you have landed on right blog. Today I will assist you in making simple and easy matte painting in Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop- An Introduction

Adobe photoshop is a Raster based(pixels) and graphic based(pixels) software, that works both in Mac as well as in Windows. The latest version of Adobe Photoshop is photoshop cc, Photoshop can edit images in multi-layers and support different editing mode, Blending mode. Photoshop is used in different industries / fields according to the requirement, film makers, photographers and designers they all use photoshop.
Professional Photoshop masters use this multi-tasking application for many tasks. One such is matte painting.

What is Matte Paining

Matte paintings are one of most usable technique which used in video editing, film making etc. It helps us to create an original image by combining 3-4 images together by giving it an actual realistic effect. And it helps to create the illusion effect that is not present in the image, Matte painting is mostly used by film makers, video editors and photo editors.

Where we can use Matte paintings?

Matte painting in photoshop, it is mostly used by film makers and video editors to change the background and give it an actual realistic view that we want to create. Matte painting is an important part in photoshop.
Some Matte Painting Ideas

Some of the most commonly used tools of matte painting are:

  •    Move tool
  •    Brush tool

Using these tools, one can create the perfect digital matte image.

Let’s have your look at the steps to create the matte painting.

  •     Select a picture.
  •     Drag it in photoshop.
  •  Remove the unwanted objects using clone stamp tool
  •  Drag the picture(s) that you want in your actual image and also change the blending mode.
  •  Adjust the layer using vibrance, saturation, brightness, contrast, levels and curves.
  •   Now, to create the shadow effect, copy the image and flip it.
  •   Then, reduce the opacity of the image to give the realistic shadow effect.

Example of Matte Painting Created by Me.

I hope my blog would be helpful for you while making beautiful matte paintings.  I’ve tried to share my knowledge with you through this blog.
This blog is a part of my Adobe Photoshop classes assignment.

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